Monday, 7 September 2015

Deploying Mule applicaitons in CommandPrompt using Community Edition

Deploying Mule Applications using Command prompt

  • Extract the zip file in one folder

Example :E:\Mule_New_Release_july20_2015\mule-standalone-3.7.0_CommunityEdition\mule-standalone-3.7.0

  • Copy the Application Zip file under apps folder.
  • To Deploy Application .Go to command prompt and navigate to bin path of this extracted standalone folder as


    • Type mule and enter. It will deploy our application.
    • Once it is successfully deployed we can observe the Deployed message as shown.
    • If we found any issues with running mule in command prompt ,please double click on the mule.bat file of the folder directly.
    • Once it is deployed it will extract the zip folder of our application and create one .txt file with the application name which we have deployed as shown.<Applicaitonname>-anchor.txt under apps folder itself.

    • Once it is deployed and running it will create one log file with the Application name which we have deployed under logs folder.

    Undeploy Mule Application from Server:

    • To Undeploy the mule Application we need to remove the anchor.txt file of the required application from apps folder.(Application extracted folder is optional).

    • Our application will be removed from the server.